Three New Finished Paintings

Spirits of the Stars 

acrylic on canvas, 9X12"

My inspiration for Spirits of the Stars was the spirituality of nature. Things just seem to flow seamlessly and always have a purpose, however minuscule it may be.
— James Vandemark

When We Wanted to Abandon All Hope


acrylic on canvas

Change can be a hard thing to deal with, and it often comes up a lot in our lives. I’ve seen a lot of people in my life struggle with the challenges of change, which cause some to question whether the change was even necessary. That sentiment became the inspiration behind this piece (When We Wanted to Abandon All Hope).
— James Vandemark

Visions of Arcturus 

16X20" Acrylic, crayon, and graphite on canvas

Visions of Arcturus is inspired by my love and fascination with the stars. On a clear night you can see so many, and sometimes it makes you feel so small in this vast universe.
— James Vandemark