Springtime blues?

It's technically spring now but we are still getting snow here in New York. I've had the winter blues pretty bad this winter and I have been struggling to create new inspired peices.

Sometimes it's hard to remember to be kind to yourself and let the creativity flow when it wants to. Nothing ever comes from forcing yourself to create. That has been my experience at least. 


Here is something new I have been working on. This is a lot larger than the pieces I have worked on in the past. It's helping to shake things up a bit. 



I have been doing a lot of new drawings here that I will be posting to the site in the next couple days. They are a definitely less abstract than the drawings that I have done in the past. It seems like I'm moving toward something new. Stay tuned for those drawings. For now, here are a couple small drawings that I have done recently.

April Fools!

I hope everyone made it through today without being tricked! I stayed inside for most of the day but I did get rick rolled....

Anyway, I really enjoy working with many different materials so today I was drawing in my sketchbook with crayon. 

It's important (at least for me) to have fun while creating art. If I'm too focused on what the end result is going to be then I get stiff about the whole thing. It's kind of like life when you think about it. The more you want things to go a certain way the less open and fun the experience is. 

Three New Finished Paintings

Spirits of the Stars 

acrylic on canvas, 9X12"

My inspiration for Spirits of the Stars was the spirituality of nature. Things just seem to flow seamlessly and always have a purpose, however minuscule it may be.
— James Vandemark

When We Wanted to Abandon All Hope


acrylic on canvas

Change can be a hard thing to deal with, and it often comes up a lot in our lives. I’ve seen a lot of people in my life struggle with the challenges of change, which cause some to question whether the change was even necessary. That sentiment became the inspiration behind this piece (When We Wanted to Abandon All Hope).
— James Vandemark

Visions of Arcturus 

16X20" Acrylic, crayon, and graphite on canvas

Visions of Arcturus is inspired by my love and fascination with the stars. On a clear night you can see so many, and sometimes it makes you feel so small in this vast universe.
— James Vandemark

Lots of things in progress right now

On top of the other 2 paintings I'm working on, I started on a new palm painting. 


In addition, I'm working on a couple art books. Everyday I have more ideas that need to get out. Stay tuned for more!  

Enjoy your weekend! 

New Year, New Work

I hope everyone is enjoying the new year. It's hard to believe that we are almost through with the first month already. A lot has been happening in my life lately and it has led me to some new inspiration and some new challenges. I recently completed a cross country move, which has caused me set my art aside for a period of time. The new year has brought new energy with it that has helped me to focus once again. I have been getting back in touch with an old friend, block printing. It has caused me to be more open with my work and to let things flow more freely.